Sunday, October 23, 2011

Colombia: Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) attack kills other 10 soldiers

Ten soldiers were killed in a FARC ambush in the northeast of Colombia Saturday; the second time within 48 hours guerrillas are able to kill that amount of soldiers.

According to media reports, the hit-and-run attack took place in Tame, a municipality in the Arauca department that has seen several rebel attacks on security forces this year.

At least two soldiers survived the ambush, but were injured and sent to nearby hospitals.

General Ernesto Maldonado, commander of the army’s eighth division, FARC rebels opened fire and launched gas bottles at the convoy after which the guerrillas fled.

On Friday, alleged FARC guerrillas killed ten soldiers and injured another six in the southwest of the country.

The News:
http://colombiarepor … her-10-soldiers.html



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