Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Puntland: Puntland warns Somaliland President to not enter in Sanaag region. Militias loyal to Puntland in high alert


Somalia’s autonomous state of Puntland, has warned the Somaliland government not to set foot in the limited section of Sanaag that is controlled by militias loyal to Puntland.

In a statement to SomalilandPress, Mohamud Siciid Nuur (Dabayl) who governs a pint sized section of the region, has announced that his forces are on high alert after they were informed that Mr.Silaanyo and his delegation were in the capital of Sanaag, Erigavo.

Mr. Nuur (Dabayl) said “We would like to ask President Silaanyo to respect the peace treaty that was signed in 1993 by the local tribes in the area”.

Mr. Dabayl also warned the Somaliland ministers who hail from Sanaag that have been accompanying the President on these trips, to not enter the areas that are controlled by militias loyal to Puntland.

Within the last few days, President Silaanyo has been touring the country’s eastern parts. He has yet to set foot beyond the base of the Somaliland forces in Sool region.

The News:
http://somalilandpre … -sanaag-region-24108



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