Saturday, July 2, 2011

Somalia: African Union mission in Somalia (Amisom) confirmed deployment of almost 3000 troops of Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) into Mogadishu

Authorities of the African Union mission in Somalia [AMISOM] have confirmed the deployment of nearly 3,000 troops of UPDF into mogadishu, the capital of Somalia on Friday.

AMISOM commanding officer, Fred Ngusha from Uganda told the reporters in Mogadishu late Friday that new reinforcement troops will join estimated 9,000 troops of AMISOM currently battling al-Shabaab rebels.

RBC Radio correspondent in Mogadishu says the deployment of the new troops from Uganda shows how closely Ugandan government is managing AMISOM mission in Somalia. The deployment also demonstrates that AMISOM intends to launch fresh offensive against the Islamist rebels in Mogadishu.

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