Friday, April 15, 2011

Libya: Rebels warn of Misrata impending government massacre

Libyan rebels said a rocket attack on a residential district of Misrata killed 23 civilians on Thursday and warned of an impending government “massacre” if Nato does not intensify its attacks there.

A rebel spokesperson said troops loyal to Muammar Gaddafi appeared to be deliberately targeting civilians in the western Libyan town. Most of the dead were reported to be women and children, along with three Egyptian migrant workers waiting to be evacuated.

“A massacre… will take place here if Nato does not intervene strongly,” a rebel spokesperson, who identified himself as Abdelsalam, told Reuters by telephone from Misrata.

Rebels defending Misrata, their last major enclave in western Libya and the scene of heavy fighting in recent weeks, say they are worried by the lack of a clear military strategy to unseat Gaddafi among Nato allies.

The News: … ta-massacre-20110414



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