Sunday, March 13, 2011

Libya: Libyan troops defect near rebel-held Misrata


A crack Libyan brigade commanded by Muammar Gadhafi’s son Khamis was slowed by a mutiny as it advanced on Misrata on Saturday, with 32 soldiers joining the rebels holding the city, a rebel there said.

One defector was a general, said the rebel named Mohammed. The feared 32nd Brigade tried but failed earlier in the day to take Misrata, the last major rebel holdout in western Libya.

Stalled about 10-15 km south of the city, the brigade broke out in a fire-fight after dozens of troops balked at the idea of killing innocent civilians in the impending attack, rebel spokesman Gamal added.

“Exactly 32 (soldiers) joined the rebels today,” Mohammed said. “They have been interrogated by the rebels.”

The News: … -rebel-held-misrata/



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