Friday, December 31, 2010

Somalia: Government somali forces and ethiopian soldiers clashed in central Somalia


At least one Somali soldier and another civilian injured after the transitional federal government forces clashed with Ethiopian military troops in Hiran region of central Somalia, reports said on Thursday.

The confrontation, which lasted a limited amount of time, sparked after Ethiopian forces took a Somali soldier into custody in Jawil district just out side of Belet-weyne town, the regional capital of Hiran.

Somali forces in the area had been outraged by the Ethiopian move and in response Somalis attacked Ethiopians in the region.

Reports from Jawil district, right now, confirm clam has returned in that place as guns fell silent.

The clash is said to be a clear sign that Ethiopian forces, which had already crossed into Somalia, are present inside Somalia soil.

The News:
http://www.shabelle. … /article.php?id=1484



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