Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tajikistan: Armed groups lead by local tajiki commanders Mirzokhouja Ahmadov and Mullo Sayriddin agreed to lay down weapons


Two field commanders of the Islamic opposition located in eastern Tajikistan’s Rasht Valley have reportedly agreed to lay down their weapons and join forces with government troops to “hunt down foreign militants.”

The independent news agency Asia-Plus quoted authorities in Rasht as saying that 27 members of armed groups commanded by Mirzokhuja Ahmadov and Mullo Sadriddin surrendered their weapons earlier this week.

The news came after local media reported on October 14 that Tajik officials were negotiating with local commanders in Rasht to end intense fighting that has been going on in the onetime militant stronghold for nearly a month. The ongoing military operation against militants began when 28 government troops were killed on September 19 when their convoy was ambushed in Rasht’s remote Kamarob Gorge.

The News: … n_Rasht/2191514.html


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