Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tajikistan: Mujahideen fighting with paratroopers of Russian terrorists in eastern Tajikistan


According to media reports, fierce battles between Mujahideen and the puppet army of Tajikistan, backed by units of the FSB gangs, who have been sent from Russia, are taking place in Romitsky Valley in eastern Tajikistan.

Paratroopers, whom local residents identified as Russian servicemen, landed in Garma district. Russians, however, refute this information, claiming their troops are not engaged in the combats.

Earlier, the FSB chieftain Bortnikov said in Moscow that Medvedev ordered him to send his terrorist troops to Tajikistan, supposedly to “capture escaped prisoners”, which is no Russian problem. Why Russians chase foreign political prisoners in a foreign country, the criminal Bortnikov didn’t say.

The News:
http://www.kavkazcen … 10/09/08/12489.shtml


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