Friday, August 20, 2010

Somaliland: Sool, Sanaag and Cayn (SSC) commander rebel group, reveals split in his group in two sides, SSC and Badbaado

A rebel group operating in Somaliland’s southern region of Buuhoodle is said to have disintegrated after the group failed to resolve internal rift among its senior leaders.

The SSC group, abbreviation for the disputed –Sool, Sanaag and Cayn regions who threatened to launch a violent campaign against Somaliland several months ago is reportedly have defied their own leadership.

The group’s main commander, Kayse Abdi Yusuf, issued a press statement on Tuesday insisting he has formed his own rebel wing and is no longer following orders from senior rebel leadership.

The News:
http://somalilandpre … t-in-his-group-17799


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