Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chechnya: dictatorship sleek, dirty Grozny doesn’t exist more, but the hell is behind the facade


Anna Politkovskaya was killed in her condominium in Moscow on October 7 2006. In her computer had another article against Ramzan Kadyroy, man that today is president of Chechnya.

For seven years the journalist wrote about this little republic of Russia Federation such as a black hole of conscience, where rapes, tortures and massacres were normal for soldiers and militias.

«A place - sustained - where many can do what they want and others have to accept it. Russia continues to permit that exist a place of country where civils rights don’t exist. It is a very risky choice» («A little corner of hell», Rizzoli 2008). Four years have passed since her death. Chechnya is still that «place»?

The News:
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