Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Italy: Lunezia (Emilia-Lunense), will be ever created the 21 region?

History of Emilia Lunense region is tightly connected at apuana question dated in roman epoch.
“Ethnic cleansing” of apuani guilted to be allied with Annibale. The occupation of Appenini mounts between Tirreno and Po valley.

Website of Lunezia Region Association:
Build inside Italian Republic and inside Federal Europe the region called Lunezia, built by comunal territories belonging to the existing entire six provinces of La Spezia, Parma, Massa Carrara, Reggio Emilia, Piacenza, Mantova and by territories of Garfagnana (LU) and Cremona (south-east side).

The News:
http://temi.repubbli … ria-di-lunezia/11767


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