Friday, February 26, 2010

Afghanistan: talibans attack 3 hotels in Kabul, 18 died and 32 wounded


There is an italian citizen, agent of secret services, between victims of triple attack happened in Kabul, one of which near hotel Safi Landmark. The explosions, already revenged by talibans, have caused at least 18 died.
Police has confirmed that one of bombers has exploded himself in front of hotel, while others two have been killed.
The italian killed, Pietro Antonio Colazzo, was an agenof of Aise (foreign secret services), and in Kabul was one of the leaders of the Italian intelligence network in Afghanistan: operating in the country almost by one year and half how diplomatic adviser of the embassy. Besides him are dead a french, ten indians, two policemen and at least 4 people, while other 32 people have been wounded.

The News: … articolo475023.shtml


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