Friday, January 8, 2010

South Sudan: Ethnic fights, Nuer group attacked Dinka group leaving 140 dead and 90 wounded in Wunchai region of Warrap State

At least 140 people were killed in a remote region of south Sudan, a UN official said yesterday as aid agencies warned of a new civil war on the eve of the anniversary of a fragile peace deal between north and south.

Concern is mounting over stability in Sudan because Africa’s largest nation, which is blessed by huge oil resources, faces a crucial political test this year — its first general election in 24 years.

Ninety people were also wounded in the violence in Wunchuei region of the southern Warrap state over the past week, but the United Nations found out about the clashes only two days ago when a security team visited the area.

The News:
http://www.jamaicaob … ews/massacre_7311223


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