Sunday, February 23, 2020

Israel: Israeli army strikes Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) targets in Gaza and Syria


The IDF struck numerous targets belonging to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terror group in Syria and throughout the Gaza Strip following rocket fire towards southern Israel over the course of Sunday evening.

The military said that Israeli Air Force fighter jets struck PIJ targets south of the capital of Damascus, including a compound which was “used as a hub of Islamic Jihad’s activity in Syria” as well as dozens of terror targets belonging to the group across in the Strip.

According to the IDF, the strike against the PIJ compound in the area of Al Adleyeh, south of Damascus, targeted a site where the group conducts research and development of weapons, both by adapting them to manufacturing in the Gaza Strip, as well as for local manufacturing in Syria.

At the site, the group also manufactured dozens of kilograms of AP - a modern fuel used in solid-propellant rockets. It also served as a technical training camp for terror operatives from the Gaza Strip and from the north.

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