Sunday, May 19, 2019

Yemen: Yemeni forces recapture key southern city of Qatabah from Houthi rebels


Yemeni forces drove Houthi rebels out of Qatabah in the southern province of Dhalea on Friday, retaking control the strategic city after more than two weeks.

The Southern Joint Forces, comprised of several pro-government military groups, killed more than 100 rebels in heavy clashes that lasted five hours, said a spokesman for the Security Belt force that played a major part in the battle.

“The Southern Joint Forces launched a wide-scale offensive on three fronts,” Waheed Al Sufyani told The National. “The first was from Mureis area north-east of Qatabah, the second axis was from Hajer west of Qatabah, while the main attack was towards the city centre,”

The rebels had positioned dozens of snipers on rooftops in the city centre, which they have occupied for more than two weeks, he said.

The News:
https://www.thenatio … uthi-rebels-1.862973


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