Thursday, April 18, 2019

Syria: Jaysh Al-Izza, Free Syrian Army (FSA) faction, launches heavy attack on Syrian Army stronghold in northwest Hama


The Free Syrian Army’s Jaysh Al-Izza faction launched an attack on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) stronghold of Al-Suqaylabiyeh this morning, following a fierce exchange at this front last night.

According to a military source in nearby Mhardeh, Jaysh Al-Izza heavily shelled Al-Suqaylabiyeh in northwestern Hama, prompting the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Syrian Army to respond with a barrage of missiles of their own.

No one was reportedly killed during the FSA’s attack on Al-Suqaylabiyeh.

In the past, when the FSA and their allies targeted Al-Suqaylabiyeh, the Russian Air Force would respond by launching airstrikes over their positions.

The News:
https://www.almasdar … d-in-northwest-hama/


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