Saturday, September 29, 2018

Iraq: 18 Islamic State (IS) members killed in operation at east of Nineveh


The Iraqi Federal Police have announced killing 18 Islamic State members in an operation, east of Nineveh.

A statement by the command, issued on Thursday, said troops “carried out an operation in Qurret Goukh mountains in search for remnants of Islamic State.”

The operation, according to the statement, “left 18 militants killed and explosives seized.”

Last week, eight Islamic State members were arrested in districts of al-Zahraa, Sumar and al-Qadisiya, west of Mosul. Four soldiers of the Iraqi army were killed in confrontations with Islamic State members, northwest of Mosul. Moreover, bodies of three people were found inside a house in Mosul’s Old city, one week after being kidnapped.

The News:
https://www.iraqinew … ion-east-of-nineveh/



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