Sunday, July 30, 2017

Yemen: Army launches huge offensive on southern Saudi military sites


The Yemen Army backed by Houthis rebels and the Popular Committees (PC) carried out on Friday, July 28, 2017, their largest surprise offensive ever that has led to the control of a Saudi military camp and three more sites deep inside the southern Jazan region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Military sources have confirmed that Yemen’s army and the PC carried out large-scale military operations in Jizan, pointing out that the military operations targeted Al Jabri Camp, in addition to the al-Faridha, al-Malhamah and al-Ghawiya military sites.

The sources added that the offensive led to the control of all of these sites. The sources pointed out that the military offensive, which continued from morning until evening, was preceded by heavy rocket and artillery shelling.

The military sources confirmed that the offensive has killed and wounded dozens of Saudi soldiers (without giving specific numbers) in addition to the destruction of a number of heavy military equipment of the Saudi Army.

The News:
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