Thursday, November 10, 2016

Iraq: Dozens takfiri Daesh terrorists killed in Mosul military operations


Dozens of Daesh terrorists have reportedly been killed during separate operations in and around Mosul as Iraqi government troops and their allies are tightening the noose around the extremists controlling the northern city.

The Arabic-language al-Sumaria television network reported on Wednesday that Iraqi fighter jets, backed by those of the US-led military coalition, have hit Daesh positions in Albu Seif village south of Mosul, located some 400 kilometers north of the capital Baghdad, leaving 40 of the terrorists dead.

Pro-government fighters from Popular Mobilization Units also launched an offensive against Daesh hideouts in Mawali village, situated about 20 kilometers west of Mosul, killing 22 terrorists.

Meanwhile, there are reports that heavy clashes are going on between Iraqi security forces and Daesh Takfiris in Mosul’s eastern district of al-Zahra.

The News:
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