Saturday, November 7, 2015

Yemen: National resistance fighters killed 107 Houthi rebels in battle in Dhale


Yemen’s national resistance fighters killed 107 rebels from the Houthis and their allies in two days of fighting after the coup insurgents attacked Damt town in the Southwestern Dhale governorate, a Yemeni news network reported on Friday.

The insurgents launched two offensives within two days to seize Damt but faced fierce resistance from the national fighters, who also launched a counter-attack in another area, Marib Press said, quoting military sources.

“The Houthi Militias and their allies failed for the second day to enter Damt due to the tough resistance by the national army and fighters,” it said.

“Fierce battles erupted after the Houthis attacked Damt and many military vehicles were destroyed… resistance sources said 106 insurgents were killed in the fighting.”

The News:
http://www.emirates2 … -2015-11-06-1.609493



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