Thursday, November 7, 2013

Syria: Syrian Army seizes control of al-Sbeineh al-Kubra, al-Sbeineh al-Sughra and Ghazal towns

The Syrian Army units on Thursday regained full control over the towns of al-Sbeineh al-Kubra, al-Sbeineh al-Sughra and Ghazal in Damascus Countryside province, having got rid of the terrorists’ last gatherings in these towns, SANA reported.

Other areas had been brought under the army’s control during the past month including al-Husseiniyeh, al-Zyabiyeh and al-Bweida.

A field officer told SANA that gaining control over these three towns is a new strategic achievement for the Syrian army in completely getting rid of the armed terrorist groups in the southern and the western Goutas, as it paves the way for taking over al-Hajar al-Aswad area.

The News:
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