Sunday, November 3, 2013

Yemen: Al-Houthi shiite rebels attack sunni Salafi rebels in Dammaj town in north Yemen


Shi’ite Muslim al-Houthi rebels pressed their offensive on Saturday against a town in north Yemen held by their Sunni Muslim Salafi rivals, a Salafi spokesman said, bringing the total death toll in four days of sectarian clashes to 55.

Spokesman Serour al-Wadei denied a statement on the Yemeni defense ministry website saying that the fighting in the town of Dammaj had ended on Friday afternoon and that the Yemeni army had taken up positions in the troubled area.

The spokesman for the puritanical Sunni Muslim group told Reuters the Houthis, using rockets and tank shells, had killed 15 more Salafis and wounded at least 30 in their latest attack on Dammaj, which lies in the mountainous Saada province that has long been outside Yemeni central government control.

The News:
http://www.voanews.c … en-town/1782035.html



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