Saturday, August 17, 2013

Syria: Rebels kill 11 people mainly Christians in a checkpoint attack in Homs


Syrian rebels killed at least 11 people, including civilians, in an attack on a checkpoint west of the city of Homs on Saturday that official state media described as a massacre.

Most of those killed were Christians, activists and residents said. Some were from the National Defense Army, a militia which fights alongside President Bashar al-Assad’s soldiers, and others were civilians, they said.

“Terrorists today committed a massacre, killing 11 people … in Homs countryside,” the state news agency SANA quoted an official as saying.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said rebel gunmen had attacked the checkpoint, killing five militia fighters and six civilians, including two women. It said the rebel fighters had also sustained losses.

The News:
http://www.reuters.c … dUSBRE97G04K20130817



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