Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Syria: Hezbollah fighters backed by syrian army retake control of Qusair from rebels


After three weeks of fighting between Assad’s troops backed by Hezbollah fighters and Syrian rebels, the strategic town of Qusair, located along Lebanese border, was taken control of by Syrian Army on Wednesday, said Syrian state TV.

Syria’s Sana state news agency declared that “heroic armed forces have returned security and stability to all of the town”, quoted the BBC.

“The Syrian army totally controls the Qusayr region in Homs province after killing a large number of terrorists and capturing others,” said the state TV, using the term of terrorists for rebels.

The town of Qusair, which was embattled since May 19 when the Syrian government troops launched an offensive to annex it from rebels, is a key victory for Assad regime as it is just 10km away from the Lebanese border and lies along major supply routes.

The News:
http://zeenews.india … f-qusair_852986.html



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