Monday, December 3, 2012

Colombia: Army kills 20 Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas in a military raid

Colombia’s armed forces claim to have killed at least 20 FARC guerrillas in the southwestern province of Nariño, reported local media Monday.

Military raids on insurgent camps in rural Nariño have left at least 20 guerrillas from FARC’s “Mariscal Sucre” column dead, according to General Leonardo Barrero, head of the army’s Joint Southwest Command.

Among the dead was a FARC commander known as “Guillermo el Pequeño”, Barrero told reporters. The general alleged that Guillermo el Pequeño was a 25-year veteran in the insurgency, responsible for “dozens” of cases of murder, extortion and drug trafficking in Nariño.

According to the army, Mariscal Sucre’s third in command, alias “Mario”, also died in the attack.

The strikes reportedly began early Saturday morning when the Colombian Air Force bombarded three FARC camps in the municipality of Ricaurte.

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