Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Turkey: Syrian artillery shells fallen in Turkey, 5 killed and 10 wounded in Akcakale town

Governor of the south-eastern province of Sanliurfa, Celalettin Guvenc said that 3-4 Syrian artillery shells landed in Akcakale town at around 16.30 hours today.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting at the mayor’s office in Akcakale, Guvenc stressed that one of the artillery shells hit a residence killing 5 people inside.

“We wish for God’s mercy to those killed in Akcakale and offer our condolences to their loved ones,” Governor Guvenc said.

“At the incident, 10 people were wounded, including police officers. Two of those wounded are in a serious condition,” Guvenc stated.

The News: … hells-fall-in-turkey



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