Sunday, August 12, 2012

Israel: Iran boosts ability to attach nuclear warheads on missiles


New U.S. assessment says Iran has made “substantial and surprising” progress ” White House spokesman: “We would know if and when Iran made … a breakout move toward acquiring a weapon” ” Jerusalem downplays potential damage to Israel if it attacks Iran.

The rift between Israel and the U.S. has grown as the two countries remain at odds over the timetable for a possible military strike against Iran’s nuclear program. The matter has become especially pressing with the release of a purported new U.S. National Intelligence Estimate report, presented to U.S. President Barack Obama last week, which states that Iran has made “substantial and surprising” progress and boosted its efforts to attach a nuclear warhead to ballistic missiles.

Both countries have stressed that they are sharing the same information, and agree about Iranian intentions, its progress and the fact that it has not abided by international obligations, but the difference remains which policy to employ to combat the nuclear program.

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