Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yemen: Army and popular committees retake control of towns of Zinjibar and Jaar hunting Ansar al-Sharia militants

The Armed forces and the popular committees cleansed Tuesday completely the towns of Zinjibar and Jaar, Khanfar palace and Rahowah area in Abyan province, an official source in the defense ministry said.

The road Aden-Abyan has been opened for citizens, the source said.

Air strikes have hit ten boats with several militants aboard while trying to reach Shabwa province, in addition to destroying two vehicles and killing all the terrorists who were attempting to flee, he said, adding that hundreds of them have escaped from Zinjibar, Jaar and Shwqrah towns.

“The engineering teams began a wide range operation in the two towns and their surrounding areas searching for mines planted by the terrorists.” The armed and security forces and popular committees were continuing to hunt for the militants.

The News:
http://www.sabanews. … et/en/news271806.htm



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