Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yemen: Supporters of al-Sharia, islamic militants linked to al-Qaeda, behead three spies

A militant group with links to al-Qaeda has beheaded three people in southern Yemen allegedly for spying for the United States.The three, one Yemeni and two Saudis, were executed by insurgents from the Supporters of al-Sharia, an affiliate of al-Qaeda, said the Yemeni website, citing local sources.

The executions were carried out on Sunday in the towns of Jaar and Azan in southern Yemen, where al-Qaeda radicals have a strong foothold, the report said.

Insurgents, suspected of links with al-Qaeda, have taken advantage of a year of political turmoil in Yemen to expand their influence in the impoverished Arabian Peninsula country.

Outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh has used the threat of militants to seek support from the West and extend his stay in power, despite months of protest against him.The US occasionally launches raids by drones in southern Yemen targeting suspected al-Qaeda operatives.

The News:
http://www.yemenonli … .info/news-2875.html



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