Monday, August 22, 2011

Gaza Strip: Hamas agrees to enforce cease-fire on Gaza factions after 5 days of cross-border violence


Hamas has agreed to enforce a cease-fire on smaller Palestinian factions in Gaza, which have been responsible for most of the rockets fired at Israel in the escalation of recent days, a Palestinian officials said on Monday.

One official who was involved in mediating talks between Israel and Palestinian factions in Gaza said the groups had “reached an understanding on a truce and that the truce has started.”

Officials said that Israel and the Hamas Islamist group which controls the Gaza Strip have agreed to a cease-fire after five days of cross-border violence.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister’s Office denied that it was partner to any signed cease-fire agreement in Gaza.

A source in the PMO told Army Radio, “We do not sign agreements with Hamas, not directly and not indirectly.”

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