Saturday, July 24, 2010

Iran: Ahmadinejad against Usa and Russia “They are preparing a war scenario in Iran”


Iran president accuses americans to attack “once or two countries” in Middle East friends of Tehran regime.
And russian president Medvedev to have become “spokesman” of Usa strategy. “But iranian nation will break their propaganda”.

Ahmadinejad attacks Usa and Russia, first accused to prepare war against “one or two countries of Middle East”, the second to have become accomplice. Even though iranian president, quoted by Mehr agency, doesn’t talk of a direct attack to his country, it would be of one “scenario of war against Iran”, a “copycat” prepared by americans that provides to “attack one or two countries in Middle East friends of Iran with help of Sionists to weaken the determination of iranian nation.

But iranian nation - affirmed Ahmadinejad - will shatter hundreds of staged propaganda like this”.

The News:
http://www.repubblic … rano_guerra-5793296/


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