Sunday, May 9, 2010

San Marino: italian soldiers, la Serenissima di Venezia, trepass in San Marino (accidentally): diplomatic incident

Five armored car stopped by the Gendarmerie to Fiorina. Soldiers: we took wrong road. Republic does protest.

When talking about incidents on the border, come to mind militar fights at 38° parallel between two Koreas, on Golan between Israel and Siria, or in the water of Ussuri between troups of ex Urss and China of Mao. More strange that can happen at border between Italy, that in Costitution refuses war, and very italian, for language and culture, San Marino Republic, that more over, such as Swiss, is neutral: even five centuries.

Though something like it it’s happen, and in little state perched on Titano someone has feared that it was going on an attempt of military occupation by giant neighbor, with which, fiscal problems in the background, from time relations are not good, to not say tense, before to discover with comfort that it was only an error of a group of five motor vehicles of army, lagunar regiment La Serenissima di Venezia, that had taken (accidentally, allegedly) a shortcut on foreign ground.

The News:
http://www.ilgazzett … id=100935&sez=ITALIA


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