Sunday, September 28, 2008

The World watchs to the ship assaulted by pirates in Somalia (Puntland) loaded of tanks and guns

The Ukrainian ship assaulted by pirates near Puntland (Somalia) between Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean two days ago is full of tanks and guns.
These guns were for Kenya army (officially) but many suspect that they were instead destined to rebels in South Sudan.
However pirates, now, want sell the tanks and guns for millions of dollars (almost 30) and only Eritrea is available to buy them. Now the ship has been surrounded by some militar foreign ships, but until now, nobody knows who are these countries. At this points the World is watching at this point of Africa because Usa,Russia,Kenya,French wants that the expedition is delivered to Kenya and not to Islamic Courts in Somalia or in Eritrea. Sooner there will be news.


The News: … i/africa/7640496.stm … articolo428490.shtml



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