Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Somalia, a graphic that represents how it is in reality

Somalia that we know toward tv and newspapers is not like it seemes, but it is completely different. We can start to say that Somalia is formed by 2 different States…. Italian Somalia and English Somalia or Somaliland. Actual Somalia is divided in more States, Regions and clan. We’ll start to autonomous States or inside it that constitute Somalia. Talk about Somaliland at north that borders with Gjybouti, Ethiopia and news States Maakir, Northland and Puntland. I’ve written new States because neither somali Government, neither Somaliland and neither Puntland recognize de-facto these new 2 States (Maakhir and Northland). Puntland is founded on extreme point of horn of Africa and declares itself a State inside Somalia. Puntland borders with Ethiopia, with intern State of Galmudug, with Maakhir, Northland, but in reality with Somaliland. Galmudug instead, borders with Puntland, with Ethiopia and with the side of Somalia on hands of Government forces and islamic courtes. Moreover, Somalia is a calderon of clans, such as, Sade, Biyomal, Murosade, Cayr, Salleban and Daarood in Somaliland. Many of these clans gave a strong hand to islamic courts, than, gave their fidelity to somaly Government alleged by ethiope army. We have a sure fact, Somaliland such as second Somali State, want give up to the join with Somalia and become independent like 40 years ago.

The graphic:




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