Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kosovo problem ?

On February 2008 Kosovo has become independent.
How serbs can argue and rebel after all they have made in 10 years of Milosevich’s era? From 1990 there have been rapes, murders, tortures by serb’s army against kosovars.
In 10 years he has made 4 wars against Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Kosovo. The Big Serbia has become the Small Serbia. It has lost the control of Montenegro (it existed a State formed by the union Serbia-Montenegro until 2006) that wanted to break-away itself and becoming independent and of Kosovo. In a next future also Vojvodina will break-away ? The dream of Big Serbia doesn’t exist more ………… now will come out the dream of Big Albania ? We hope no and that Albania, Kosovo and a part of Fyrom (ex Macedonia) stay independent. Don’t forget the other States that like Kosovo, now claim the independence and want become States.
Follows a list:

Abkhazia in Georgia
Crimea in Ucraina
Nagorno-Karabakh in Azerbaijan
South Ossetia in Georgia
North Ossetia in Russia
Transnistria in Moldova
Kurdistan in Turkey-Iran-Iraq

Western Sahara in Morocco
Somaliland in Somalia
Zanzibar in Tanzania

Aceh in Indonesia
Tamil in Sri Lanka
Tibet in China



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