Pictures of War

North Korea: Kim Jong-un’s strength: Military exercise is impressive (picture April 26, 2017)

Syria: Car bomb in Aleppo, the disperation of hero photographer, kneeling after suicide attack (picture April 16, 2017)

Syria: Syria bus convoy bomb attack death toll reaches 112 and is expected to increase (picture April 16, 2017)

United Kingdom: London terror attack near the UK Parliament: What we know now (picture March 22, 2017)

Syria: Return to life between rubble: reopen shops and bakeries in the city freed from Isis (picture March 19, 2017)

Pakistan: Clashes on Pakistan-Afghanistan border kill 15 (picture March 6, 2017)

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Clashes leave over 100 dead in Congo (picture February 14, 2017)

Philippines: Philippines’ Duterte ends cease-fire with communist rebels (picture February 3, 2017)

Syria: Map of Syria today: numbers, factions, alliances, key places (picture January 23, 2017)

Gambia: West African forces launch invasion to oust Gambia’s leader (picture January 19, 2017)

Burma-Myanmar: More than 65,000 Muslims flee alleged persecution in Rakhine state (picture January 13, 2017)

Yemen: Houthis claim downing of Saudi reconnaissance aircraft close to Yemeni border (picture December 31, 2016)

Syria: Russian special forces join Syrian arab army in battle for Palmyra oil fields. SOFREP original content (picture December 12, 2016)

Syria: Exodus as Syria rebels lose northeast Aleppo (picture November 29, 2016)

Ukraine: Violence spikes in Donbas conflict zone (picture November 19, 2016)

Iraq: Mosul, kurdish women challenge Isis at front: “A bullet always ready in case of capture” (picture November 5, 2016)

Burma-Myanmar: Residents flee as military tensions flare in eastern Shan State (picture October 25, 2016)

Iraq: Iraq launches offensive to recapture Mosul from Islamic State (picture October 17, 2016)

Colombia: Colombia to relaunch peace talks with ELN rebels (picture October 11, 2016)

Nigeria: Nigerian army kills 9 Boko Haram members in fresh attack (picture September 29, 2016)

Burma-Myanmar: Burma army and its militia claim control over the Mae Tha Waw to Myaing Gyi Ngu road (picture September 21, 2016)

Syria: Farewell to Asia Ramazan Antar, the kurdish Angelina Jolie who fought Isis (picture September 7, 2016)

USA: Clashes between Turkish army, Kurdish forces ‘unacceptable’ (picture August 29, 2016)

Syria: Isis use civilians as human shields to flee Syrian town of Manbij (picture August 19, 2016)

Syria: Tragedy of Aleppo in Omran Daqneesh’s eyes, a wounded child (picture August 18, 2016)

Syria: Kurdish Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters liberate town of Manbij from ISIS (picture August 13, 2016)

Ukraine: Soldiers killed as Ukraine conflict with pro-Russian rebels escalates (picture July 24, 2016)

Turkey: At least 700 soldiers surrender to police in Ankara (picture July 16, 2016)

Libya: A battle against Islamic State fighters (picture July 15, 2016)

Turkey: Military coup attempt in Turkey (picture July 15, 2016)

France: Heartbreaking photo shows the indiscriminate carnage of the Nice attack (picture July 15, 2016)

Bangladesh: 20 hostages killed, 13 saved in Bangladesh restaurant attack (picture July 2, 2016)

Turkey: Istanbul airport attack: Death toll climbs to 36, 147 injured (picture June 28, 2016)

Kenya: 2 more people die in clashes along Kisumu-Nandi border (picture June 23, 2016)

Somalia: African force says kills 110 militants when its base raided ,al-Shabaab claim 43 soldiers killed (picture June 9, 2016)

Iraq: Iraq, Irachi forces enter in Falluja: final battle against Is (picture May 30, 2016)

Iraq: Security forces gain more ground around IS stronghold in Fallujah (picture May 29, 2016)

South Sudan: South Sudan armed men clash with Sudanese rebels in Bahr el Ghazal (picture May 17, 2016)

Egypt: Egyptian forces kill 11 Sinai militants in week-long operations (picture May 12, 2016)

Syria: 13 Iranian soldiers killed in clashes with militants in Syria (picture May 7, 2016)

Iraq: Peshmerga forces repel series of IS attacks (picture May 3, 2016)

Nigeria: Troops ambush escaping terrorists, Kill 5 (picture April 25, 2016)

Nagorno-Karabakh: A tank of the self-defence army of Nagorno-Karabakh moves on the road in the village of Talish. [Reuters] (picture April 7, 2016)

Nagorno-Karabakh: At Least 32 Killed In Heavy Fighting In Nagorno-Karabakh (picture April 2, 2016)


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